15 Million Dollars For The New Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, Is It Really Worth That Much?

15 Million Dollars For The New Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, Is It Really Worth That Much?

According to the company’s top, only three such vehicles will be produced, from which one will be reserved for the owner of the company.

Since 2013, from the company announced that it will stop the production of their Pagani Zonda supercars in order to make a space for the new Huayra. The reality, however, proved to be a little bit different, because four years later there are still special Zonda series that are still selling on the market. And, there is currently a new one, called HP Barchetta. In a few words, the fans have nothing to complain about, because every Pagani Zonda is a beautiful and extremely attractive car.


From the Italian company was confirmed that HP Barchetta is a car created from scratch, although it carries a well-known name and it looks like Zonda. In comparations to the recently introduced highly modified versions of the classic Zonda, Fantasma Evo and Riviera, HP Barchetta is a totally brand new car.


The new version will be produced in only three examples, and each of the super exotic machines will be powered by the 7.3 liter V12 Mercedes AMG engine with a 6-speed manual transmission. So far, the official dynamic characteristics of the car are not known, but in some modifications, this engine produces 760 horsepower, so we can safely declare that Zonda HP Barchetta will not be slow on the road for sure. This Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta is based on the monocoque structure built by the company-patented as the Carbo-Triax HP52, which is simply a carbon-titanium alloy.


The front and rear subframes are made of steel. The suspension is on two wheels and the shock absorbers are from the well-known British company Ohlins and are manually adjustable in height and toughness. The brakes are delivered by Brembo, and the tires are the specification of the Pirelli P Zero, which is exclusive to this model. The whole car weighs under 2.800 pounds. The car was promoted during the exotic show in Pebble Beach, California. According to some unverified rumors, the cars in the limited series will cost around 15 million dollars, but it’s certainly not clear if this will really be the “last” Pagani Zonda.

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