A Prototype Of The New Audi A7 Caught Fire While Testing On The Alps

A Prototype Of The New Audi A7 Caught Fire While Testing On The Alps

The photographers “spies” who stalked new car models this time were the witness on a very rare sight – a sample of the future Audi A7 was caught fire and completely burned while was testing in the Austrian Alps.

Audi for some time was working on the development of a new generation of four-door coupe Audi A7. At this stage, the car is tested in so many different driving conditions, a variety of altitudes and areas and under different loads and the vehicle instead of the final design has some sort temporary body.

Audi A7 caught fire-5

These days one of those tests took a place recently in the Austrian Alps, and car driving on mountain roads dragged and loaded a trailer.

At one point the vehicle suddenly burst into flame, and the drama that followed was captured by the only photographer who tried to photograph the new Audi A7 in motion.

Audi A7 caught fire-2

A lot of smoke and flame appeared between the hood and the windshield, so the driver and the engineers from Audi A7 try to pull out of the car their things and the valuable test equipment.

Then the fire extinguisher failed and the fire soon engulfed the entire car. The entire drama lasted 15-20 minutes, and the fire was extinguished only after the intervention of the firefighters. Until then, the whole car was burned. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire.

Audi A7 caught fire

The incident shows how important the tests are in the real driving conditions of a new model that is still in the development stage, to remove any possible flaws and problems for the buyers to get totally safe and durable production model.

The new generation of Audi A7 could be presented at the end of this year or early next year.

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