BMW 8 Series – Vehicle That Offers You A Pure Satisfaction

BMW 8 Series – Vehicle That Offers You A Pure Satisfaction

This is the essence of BMW’s new compartment that will be presented in the future as a series 8. It can be said a lot, and we will start from the obvious blend of the past and the future.

But if the Series 8 has ever dominated like a sports car, now the advantage is given to the luxurious. The outer appearance of the car clearly shows the brand’s affiliation, pointing to a twist in the design concepts of the design. The new ideas are best seen in the significantly sharper lines and especially in the more aggressive overall look.


Stacked lower on the long and lower front, the mask is more pronounced and fits perfectly with the narrow laser lights. Placed at the ends of the bumper, the large air vents almost enter the wings that muscularly continue in the emphasized silhouette. And the rear part has a similar approach, with the dynamic here being expressed with the edge of the trunk lifted in a spoiler. The endings of the exhaust pipes indicate what kind of engine will have the BMW 8 Series, although no details have yet been revealed.


There is no doubt that under the hood it will be the most powerful Bavarian aggregates such as the 4.4-liter V8 engine from the BMW M5 or the monumental V12 engine from the Rolls-Royce models. This was announced in a subtle way back in 2013 when BMW introduced the Gran Lusso concept. It has been confirmed that BMW M8 is also developing, for whose specifications rarely who can dare to speculate. An interesting fact is that the smallest number of the seven registered designations for the new model is 825, which still does not have to mean anything.


Contra to the exterior, the interior in this conceptual phase is reduced to the primary and looks a little bit underfunded. But it doesn’t mean that the luxury is not felt in it. From BMW say the upcoming 8 series will demonstrate to the world how that hand stays with the dynamics as sharp as a razor. The goal for this model is to raise the criteria for the luxurious coupe car.


We hope that in this process, the lines of the concept will not be lost, which, as a serial model BMW 8 Series will arrive next year. Except in the coupe, is also expected as a cabrio version, and even the Gran Coupe. It should open the way for future expansion of the BMW range in the highest part of the offer. However, it is too early to talk about the new BMW 9 Series now.

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