When Was The Last Time You Checked The Brake Fluid In The Car?

When Was The Last Time You Checked The Brake Fluid In The Car?

In the services, the fault of the brake fluid was detected in more than 72.3% of the cases.

The quality of the brake fluid is one of the most neglected safety components in the car. In the research conducted in the services, which included 1,453 vehicles older than three years, the fault was detected even in 72,3% cases. Although the changes of the fluids are very cheap and simple things, most drivers and services do not pay attention to this.

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The brake fluid, due to its specific properties, is susceptible to the collection of moisture. Although the braking system is closed, there is always a breakthrough in moisture and after two or three years the serviceability of the brakes is reduced. It can be particularly dangerous during the summer period when the temperatures outside are very high.

The failure of the brakes and the inability to stop the vehicle on time are the causes of very severe traffic accidents. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend controlling and changing the brake fluid every two years.

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