Car Air Conditioning Service – A Necessity Or Unnecessary Cost?

Car Air Conditioning Service – A Necessity Or Unnecessary Cost?

Air conditioning service in the cars is officially not prescribed by any car manufacturer on the list of regular service intervals, which is why the drivers of newer cars do not even think about this type of service at all. The most common case is when the “climate” stops working, and then it goes to service.

There are gas and oil for the compressor, which is nothing but a small motor pump, so the logical answer to the question is whether the service should be done at all if everything is working properly – yes, after a while the oil and the gas should be replaced.

The most common thing is that the air conditioning compressor bearings are damaged. When you come to the service, first of all, they offer you a full compressor repair, which will costs from 100 dollars to more, depending on the service and the compressor. But still, no one can guarantee you how long it will work.

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The biggest problem arises when sprinkling the freon and the oil from the system. Whether because of the stones or due to the bad alloy of aluminum tubes that eventually become porous or something else, it is not good that the system is empty.

There are some protective mechanisms that will not allow being activated the compressor if there is no gas in the system, although the big question is when will the electronics “decide” that the compressor should not be started and is it too late or not.

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So, when you’re left without the gas for the first time, everything is a little bit damaged, but not permanently destroyed. However, the next step is to determine the cause of the leaking of the “climate”. That’s why many times the people from the service added a color to the gas, and with the help of the UV lamps, it’s easier to discover where it leaks.

Leaking may be in more places, and in most cases it is mandatory to remove the complete installation, to weld the aluminum tubes or, if they are not usable because of the porosity, to replace them with new ones.
And of course, you’ll pay for every charge … If the compressor is damaged, there are additional costs. What to take, used, repaired, or remodeled, the decision is on you, on your intuition.

No Rules

If the people from the service determines that something should be replaced, the air conditioning service can cost a couple of hundred dollars. And again, nobody will guarantees how long it will work and whether the problem will appear in a new place.

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