Tips For Safe Driving In Winter Conditions

Tips For Safe Driving In Winter Conditions

Winter means not just snow – it means extremely low temperatures, icy roads, and difficult traffic. Are you ready?With the big snow and winter conditions on the road, it is good to remember a few rules related to the preparation of the car and driving in winter conditions. Here, we provide you a few practical and useful tips on how to drive easier and safer in winter conditions.

General Preparation Of The Driving In Winter

-If you do not have to go with the car, using alternative transport (taxi or bus) in bad weather is always a good option.
-Make sure the vehicle is working good.
-Do not heat the vehicle indoors (such as in a garage), because of the carbon monoxide.
-Having proper tires is very important in winter conditions.
-Never stay without a fuel in winter. In case of possible stalling in a snowstorm, the fuel can be a key resource.
-Check the antifreeze level and also check if the windscreen wipers are in good working order.
-Take a good look at the weather forecast and the route if you go on a long journey, and inform your family about the destination, the departure time as well as the arrival time.

Tips For Safe Driving In Winter Conditions

Tips For Driving On The Snow

-Clean the snow from all the glass surfaces of your car. Do not forget the front and the rear lights!
-In snow, for every maneuver, it takes longer and more time, so keep in mind that you’ll need more space for braking, turning or overtaking.
-Leave consistently more distance between yours and the vehicle in front of you.
-The acceleration and the braking must be done very carefully and slowed down, with gentle commands and without sudden movements.
-For deceleration of the vehicle, it is better to use the engine braking.
-If you are using the braking pedal, do it very slowly, never abruptly or with a lot of pressure.
-Slowly gas delivery is the best way to avoid the slipping.
-Do not add gas more than you’ll need if you are going to the hills and places with a lot of snow or ice.
-Drive downhill slowly, at a lower speed and use the engine braking.
-Use the air conditioner to clean the windshields.

Things That You May Use

-Charger for mobile phone in car
-Electric lamp with a pair of batteries
-Shovel for snow
-Extra hot clothes or blankets and some food

Tips If You Are Stuck In a Snowstorm

-If you get stuck in a snowstorm, stay in the vehicle. In any case, it is usually the best place you will have, and it will be easier for you to find rescue teams. It’s very easy to lose the vehicle if you get away from it in a snowstorm.
-If the car is working, make sure the exhaust is not covered with snow. Blocked exhaust can cause the toxic carbon monoxide to enter the car.
-Turn on the engine only as long as it is necessary and use everything you can to protect the body from the cold if necessary, even the newspapers and seat covers can help.
-Do not leave the wipers in an active position, they can easily be damaged.
-Clean the tires as much as you can and put a solid material under the tires to make it easier to move when the road will be clean.

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