Ferrari 488 GTB Comes With New Design And Even 772 Horsepower

Ferrari 488 GTB Comes With New Design And Even 772 Horsepower

The most famous tuning company to modify the Italian supercars present a package of an aesthetic facelift and boost performance Ferrari 488 GTB.

N-Largo body kit will be produced in only 11 copies and is inspired by the design of the legendary Ferrari F40, which is the only previous model of Ferrari with a turbocharger. The body kit is 14 centimeters wider rear axle compared to the standard version that comes from Ferrari Maranello. At the front, added wider wings that will host 21-inch front, and also there are a 22-inch rear NF6 NL wheels wrapped in 335/25 profile tires.

Ferrari 488 GTB

All these changes are not applied for visual effect, but also improve the supply of air to the brakes and gear unit. The three holes integrated on top of the front wings serve faster to pull out the warm air from the brakes and for better cooling on the rear brakes are added a few vents.

Ferrari 488 GTB-3

Of course, Novitec also worked on the increasing the power of the 3.9-liter V8 engine and now offer two options that will improve the performance of the Ferrari. By reprogramming the computer unit and the addition of a new exhaust system with high performance, which will give the vehicle more melodiously note, they supplied the model with additional 102 horsepower and the final result is 772 horsepower at 7.920 rpm.

Ferrari 488 GTB-4

Thanks to the growing strength, now this supercar accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, while the top speed is increased to 212.5 mph. In the offer, there are additional options such as upgraded suspension system to raise the front of the car with only one touch of a button. According to Novitec, the interior can be customized in every aspect according to the personal taste of the owner of the new N-Largo.

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