How Ford Mustang Coupe Become The Best-Selling Car In The World

How Ford Mustang Coupe Become The Best-Selling Car In The World

The most famous Ford Mustang Coupe, for the second consecutive year, has been declared the best-selling sports car in the world. The results were amazing for Ford Mustang Coupe, this model was sold in more than 150,000 copies all over the world.


This Information was published from IHS Markit – company analysis of industries and world economies. We have some Information that this figure represents an increase of 6% compared to 2015, which is achieved due to the growing demand in China and Germany, and also with the introduction of the Ford Mustang to the new markets such as New Caledonia, Gibraltar, and Boehner.


By offering a Ford Mustang model in 140 countries in 2016, 45,000 vehicles were even sent outside the United States. In China, Ford Mustang Coupe became the best-selling sports car for this year by increasing sales by 74 percent compared with the previous year.

Once they started with the production of the sixth-generation of Ford Mustang in Flat Rock Assembly factory in 2015, the production lines left over 395,000 copies, and 98,000 of them have been shipped outside the United States.

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