Harvey Destroyed The House But Not The BMW’s

Harvey Destroyed The House But Not The BMW’s

The damage that Harvey caused in Texas is with the unprecedented floods of Bible scales and is measured in tens of billions of dollars. It is estimated that this time, about half a million cars are among the “victims”.

But thanks to the big love of his BMW’s, one of the unhappy owners certainly will not be Cody from Houston, who reacted timely to the emergency warnings and he saved his three BMW’s.


He picked up few special carriers at a level that should have been unreachable for the water. Later on, realizing that he underestimated the nature and that the water was growing up one inch in every hour, he entered into a big battle with Harvey, and he starts cutting under the cars and carriers everything that would come to his arms, mostly some blocks from the yard and from the staircases. Finally, Cody managed to come out victorious from the battle with the water at the expense of his home, where the water destroyed almost everything.

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