Lister Knobbly – The Legend Is Born Again

Lister Knobbly – The Legend Is Born Again

Great Britain is a home to many legendary automotive names such as Lister Knobbly, and unfortunately, a huge part of them are already forgotten in the history, but the enthusiasm of some individuals, will save from oblivion some of them.

More than 60 years after its racing debut, the British producer Lister’s show version of the legendary Knobbly intended for a regular use in Traffic. Today, almost unknown, this car is in the hands of Stirling Moss and the other famous names from the world of the race, and it was one of the most successful cars in the late fifties. The new model is made with identical chassis like the original, and it was used the same constructional techniques of that time. Despite the same appearance, the chassis of this particular model will be made of aluminum.

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More manual than using the machine because it would be required 500 working hours for the formation of each, separately. The engine has the same origin as the original, from Jaguar. It will be manually finished, and from its six cylinders, will deliver 330 horsepower, and it will be with the version of the 4.2-liter engine. It comes with the four-speed manual transmission, and with this 787 kilograms of weight is very easy to speed up to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed of over 290 kilometers per hour is very Impressive, and, we believe that no one will try to drive this car to the maximum speed.

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The Knobbly can be used in public traffic and is equipped with a set of legally required equipment such as: lights, blinkers, mirrors and more. For the greater security of the passengers is incorporated and double protected roll-bar. For a true enjoyment in driving, however, the driver’s seat will be made to perfection and also the dashboard is lined with the leather.

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From Lister these days announced that they will make only 10 copies of the Knobbly, with the starting price of 225,000 pounds. For the complexity of the entire job, says the fact that the beginning of the production is scheduled for September this year, and the first deliveries will be scheduled even for next year in June. The British have very optimistic expectation of this model, they announced that they will continue with the same formula to restore and the other cars of this car producer.

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