This McLaren F1 Is The Rarest Example You’ll Ever See

This McLaren F1 Is The Rarest Example You’ll Ever See

However, this McLaren F1 was seen only a dozen times a year to be driving on the public roads with a few races on the runway, but you’ll forgive the owner who does not use it a bit longer. Specifically, this particular McLaren F1 is just one of two of them in the world, and the second was sold at auction in 2015 for amazing 13.75 million dollars, so it is good that he leaves the garage at all.

This amateur race driver lives in New Zealand and he is the owner of this McLaren F1 with chassis labeled number “18” for over ten years, and hi said that he is very satisfied with this car and he promised to himself that he will do everything just to keep this collection forever. Those words who come out from the mouth of someone who drove and possessed many exotic cars in his life have a lot of weight.

McLaren F1-3

Everybody knows that McLaren F1 is already a highly regarded car in the world of cars, so the question is what makes this McLaren F1 different from the others or special? First of all, there are the letters HDF or what’s behind that – Extra High Downforce Package. In the world of the cars, this package is the modification that can increase the aerodynamic, to stick the car to the base, also includes a fixed rear wings, larger front manifolds, and extra air vents.

McLaren F1-1

In addition, the suspension has undergone certain modifications and the car has got bigger wheels, which makes an important difference, but at the same time that is very less than a reduction compared to what was done to the engine. Even the McLaren F1 is a road model, its engine has been enriched with a number of GTR engine racing components, resulting in an increase of almost 700 HP.

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“The Downforce Kit, combined with engine modifications, has turned it from a very comfortable road car that is easily driven into a tough road racing car.” In this way, the owner described how he experiences this car that is not intended for everyday use. That is why those special moments, when the car will be on the road, will make valuable memories.

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