After VW, Now Mercedes Withdraws More Than 3 Million Cars, Will BMW Be The Next?

After VW, Now Mercedes Withdraws More Than 3 Million Cars, Will BMW Be The Next?

Daimler voluntarily recalled over 3 million Mercedes Benz diesel engines in Europe to upgrade the software, which needs to reduce the NOx emissions.

If this move is passed by the authorities, it will help Daimler to avoid the fate of the Volkswagen Group. A similar scandal in Europe, with such a manufacturer, would probably have a catastrophic effect.


The measure will affect almost all diesel cars in Europe that meet the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards. It will be held in cooperation with the German regulatory authorities. Expectations are that the upgrade, which will be only for electronics, will cost about 70 euros for each car, which will be taken entirely from the company.

This preventive measure comes after several months of fraud spread over the Mercedes Benz. The German authorities are investigating a possible fraud, similar to that of Volkswagen. Last week, the Mercedes chiefs were summoned by the German legislators to be questioned about the suspicions of increased emissions. Then the company agreed with the Ministry of Transport to hold new tests for harmful gases.

On May 23rd, some prosecutors and around 230 personnel, including the police and criminal employees, searched in Daimler buildings in Germany on charges of wrong advertising and possible manipulation of the exhaust-regulating system. Unlike Volkswagen, who admits, Daimler claims that he adheres to norms that allow the car to reduce the control of harmful gases, to protect the engine.

“The action to withdraw more than three million Daimler cars is a big shame for the whole diesel industry, but the automotive manufacturers still continue to believe in the future with diesel technology” commented Michael Hart of Cox Automotive.

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