Nio EP9 Destroys All Records At Nurburgring

Nio EP9 Destroys All Records At Nurburgring

The electric hypercar Nio EP9 defeats all the serial cars on a famous racing paddock, finishing the round in just 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

The Nio is a sub-brand of Chinese on the global startup of NextEV, and its EP9 model is a wholly electric car powered by four electric motors and four separate gearboxes, featuring a total systemic power of 1360 horsepower and a spinning moment of 1480 Nm. This results with the numbers such as 0-60 mph for 2.1 seconds, or 0-124 mph in 7.1 seconds and a maximum top speed of 195 mph.

Nio EP9

In October, last year,  Nio EP9 set a new record for the electric vehicles. The fastest time of its two “flying” circuits around the road with 12.4 miles radius in Germany was 7: 05.12, and these days,  Nio EP9 set a new record again, and the results were pretty amazing, Nio EP9 has finished the final lap in just 6 minutes.

Nio EP9 - 3

The first series of Nio EP9 was limited to just six examples intended only for the investors at NextEV, but last month from the company announced that they will produce ten additional examples, all of them made for orders and with a price of 1.48 million dollars per automobile.

If you already saw the video from the current round where Nio EP9 puts a record at Nurburgring, you might also want to look at this short video footage where you can see the whole development of this high-performance automobile.

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