The Wild Porsche 911 GT2 With 1000 hp

The Wild Porsche 911 GT2 With 1000 hp

You like fast cars and its time for you to buy a new car, but still, you can not decide what exactly you want to buy, then we have a few suggestions for you.

if you have 300,000 dollars to spend for a new car, then, for sure these 300,000 dollars will put your butt in the driver’s seat of the highly capable modern supersport cars, those that will impress you besides the performance with ease of management and built-in technology. But, if that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, or simply that’s not for you and you are still thinking, then, we have something different… Porsche 911 GT2.


The legendary GT2 brand in the context of the Porsche Cult 911 for decades has been described as a car with a thrill and with a huge dose of fear because that car has the most aggressive performance that still can be used on the public roads. An old school in the full sense of the word, as well as for the exterior of a car with a more aggressive front, wide mudguards, and large rear wings, let the driver know that he should take a higher dose of courage tablets before driving.


The performance of Porsche 911 GT2 is additionally accentuated by a variety of wings, spoilers and suction machines, which makes this truly 911 unique, In whose production according to the allegations it was spent as much as 700,000 dollars.

It is not quite clear who is behind this intriguing process, although the name of Sportec’s Swiss tuning on one of the photographs is partially in response to this question, and it is well known that the job has done so thoroughly. The search result for the potential of the twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine boxer resulted with amazing 1.000 “horses” that still have the task to the back to the rear wheels.


But if you are worried about the safety when you driving the Porsche 911 GT2 and you can not stay calm, we have a solution for you, which will put a smile on your face, here are the stronger RSR brakes, but on the other hand, the new suspension component, the new sequential gearbox designed for this occasion is intended for aggressive and fast driving on the racing track.

In other words, those who will not find a big challenge in the other modern supercars will be more fortunate with Porsche 911 GT2. At those moments when it is far from the track, it will more appreciate the equipment such as the leather interior, the air conditioning, etc.

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