Porsche Produce 1 000 000 Copies Of The Legendary 911

Porsche Produce 1 000 000 Copies Of The Legendary 911

The German manufacturer has a good news. These days they celebrate the production of the millionth of its legendary car Porsche 911, and that’s not all, they even mention that 700 000 copies are still on the way!

Very few cars in the history are so iconic and so recognizable as the Porsche 911, and the German manufacturer boasts that it has made a significant point in the history of the model – produced the millionth!


Some cars have achieved this benchmark relatively quickly, but for Porche 911 were needed 54 years and the millionth was produced these days in the factory in Zuffenhausen, Germany. The model is in Irish Green color and pays tribute to its origins by Fuchs wheels, badges, golden interior and some wooden details.


The millionth car will remain owned by the Porsche and after being shown at several different locations around the world will be “home” in the Porsche museum where the visitors can view it.


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