Unbelievable Story – 350 Old Timers Owned By Only One Person

Unbelievable Story – 350 Old Timers Owned By Only One Person

Over the past 50 years, a certain Rodger Dudding has collected a collection of classical cars (old timers) worth around 40 million pounds, of which the oldest was produced in 1911.

The man who has so many old timers in his garage that he can drive in different ways almost every day of the year regularly cleans and maintains the vehicles from his collection, and not only cleaning but sometimes he is also driving two or three vehicles a day.


Among the old timers that have been collected over half of a century, there are plain, average cars for a daily driving, but also there are many sports old timers, luxury sedans, and even a few motorcycles. There is a special passion for the Aston Martin Lagonda model, which Rodger Dudding have, believe or not 24 in its garage.

The cars are currently in a tight space, and their owner Rodger Dudding plans to build a special exhibition facility worth around 7 million pounds. Rodger Dudding came to the wealth he was spending on buying cars by constructing the appliance for petals with ordinal numbers, which can be found in the supermarkets, in the waiting rooms and many other places where it is necessary to determine the order of customer service.

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